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3D Illuminated Letters signs are the most preferred signage type for a broad spectrum of branding applications. There are custom 3D signs of various styles that can be positioned in different locations to serve specific needs. Below, we’ll present the most popular 3D logo signs for businesses and beyond.

* Acrylic / Channel letters
The base of a 3D illuminated letter. Durable and affordable. Customise the style, size and colour to suit your brand. They may be laser/ router cut and made into 3D fabricated hollow acrylic letters, with the option of LED illumination.

* Front / Face-lit Letters
The most common type of 3D illuminated letter. These often have an acrylic face and aluminium sides (known as 'returns') and back, but are fully customisable. They have LED modules hidden on the interior of each letter, illuminating the 'face'. They are best for long distance visibility. Usually, the colour elements of the logo are made with cut translucent vinyl, or if the colour of the face is solid, the acrylic can be a specific colour.

* Side or Edge-lit Letters
Edge-lit letters are made of clear acrylic and illuminated through the front, edge or both. They may also be partially lit on the front or back half of the sides. The LED modules are installed on the back bottom and are low maintenance and energy efficient. We can also customise the letters with a translucent colour vinyl or mirror stainless steel on the front face for a sophisticated, boutique look.

* Halo-lit Letters
Also called 'Back-lit letters' or 'Reverse-lit letters', these are a softer and classy look, usually metal or aluminium letters that are illuminated from the back to cast a halo glow effect.

* Combination-lit Letters
These letters use clear backs customised with semi-transparent vinyl graphics that result in the desired halo colour of choice. Red faced letters with a blue halo light is a common example.

* Exposed/open face neon letters
These are essentially a neon sign, with the added protection of an exposed channel letter (sides and back) to help protect the neon. They are perfect for a vintage or futuristic look.

 We offer custom signage solutions for every occasion. If you can’t find 3D sign letters that match your vision, we can create a completely customized option just for you.

Our designers can bring all your signage ideas to life. Get in touch with us to discuss your custom 3D signage project.



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