Display Printing

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Display Printing

The easiest way to describe our Display Printing is basically providing you with an easy way to utilise an entire sheet to your advantage. Providing you with options of a quarter size sheet and half size sheet to setup and print whatever you may need on it! This gives you the full flexibility to print and cut your displays to a desired shape to be used for almost anything you can think of!

Quarter Size Sheet = 1220mm x 610mm (Printable Image Size of 1180mm x 570mm)

Half Size Sheet = 1220mm x 1220mm (Printable Image Size of 1180mm x 1180mm)

For example, using a full size sheet, you could print, step and repeat a heap of different shape prints you wish to use for your point of sale displays. The only requirements we ask of you is that your image area meets the above, each item on the sheet needs to be no smaller than 105mm x 148mm and you allow for a 20mm gap between cuts / shapes. Some shapes and very tight cuts can have unpredicted outcomes so please send through your designs first before purchasing so we can inform you of the best setup. If you require to use the entire sheet for only a few cut outs that are large, please contact us before purchasing to ensure we can ship these to you as well due to size constraints from our couriers.

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