Single Side Black Flat Round LED Lightbox

Sale price$280.00


Artwork Specifications:

Template Downloads:

  1. Size 50cm
  2. Size 80cm
  3. Size 100cm
  4. Size 120cm


This solid double sided waterproof  illuminated Lightbox is ideal for outside use. The sign is bright and can be seen from both directions and it is made from a strong and durable aluminum frame, two acrylic display panels and led light. It is also bright and cost effective and easily mounted onto the wall.

Specification & Technical Information:

Item diameter: 50cm - 80cm - 100cm -120cm   
Item depth (thickness): 11cm 
Weight: 3KG - 6KG
Easy to Install
Lighting source: LED.   
Lifetime:  50000 hours

Item material: Black colour frame & brackets. Flat acrylic panels.    
Power input: AC 220-240V, comes with 3 pin AU plug for testing propose, 
advised to get wired to the mains. 




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