Slim Lightbox with Stand

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- Tempered glass.

- Easy menu and product updates.

- Durable construction.

- Sturdy A-frame stand.

- Available in multiple sizes.

Specification & Technical Information:
Item diameter: 50x70cm - 60x90cm - 60x120cm - 80x120cm 
Item depth (thickness): 6 mm
Weight: 3KG - 10KG
Easy to Install
Lighting source: LED.
Lifetime:  50000 hours
Item material: Black colour frame & stand. Flat acrylic panels.    
Power input: AC 220-240V, comes with 3 pin AU plug for testing propose, 
advised to get wired to the mains. 

How to Change the Image for a Lightbox

Tools and Materials:

  • New backlit film image
  • Lightbox
  • Screwdriver (if necessary)


  1. Open the lightbox frame: Gently open the frame of the lightbox to access the inside. This may involve removing screws or using a latch mechanism, depending on the design of your lightbox.

  2. Remove the old image: Carefully remove the old backlit film image from the lightbox. This may involve peeling it off or using a thin tool to pry it loose.

  3. Attach the new image: Place the new backlit film image onto the inside of the lightbox frame. Make sure the image is facing the correct direction and is aligned properly.

  4. Secure the image: Depending on the design of your lightbox, you may need to use adhesive tape or clips to secure the new image in place. Some lightboxes have a built-in mechanism to hold the image in place.

  5. Close the lightbox frame: Once the new image is secured, carefully close the lightbox frame. Make sure the frame is properly latched or screwed shut.

  6. Power on the lightbox: Plug in the lightbox and turn it on. Check that the new image is illuminated evenly and looks good.

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