5 beautiful Display fonts

Display font is a typeface designed to be used at large sizes for headings, rather than for body text that contains many sentences. Display typefaces will often have a more eccentric and variable design than plain, easy-to-see typefaces for body texts.
Used for decoration because of their special and unique design, Display Fonts are often used as posters, movie titles, book covers,...

1. Getaway

Font Getaway

Created by David González Molinero with a bit of a classic look, Getaway is suitable for use in logos, headlines, signage and other forms such as invitations, magazines, books,...

Link download font Getaway

2. Monologue

Font Monologue

This is a sleek and sophisticated bold sans-serif font that is futuristic - the coming metaverse era. It is suitable to apply to headlines, billboards, magazines, websites, posters, etc.

Link download font Monologue

3. Codigra

Font Codigra

Codigra is a font that combines modern and classic styles. This font is extremely suitable for logo design or visual branding for brands.

Link download font Codigra

4. Mintage

Font Mintage

A classic serif typeface created by Prioritype with various alt characters, Mintage would be perfect for social media posts, branding, posters...

Link download font Mintage

5. Tacenda

Font Tacenda

Tacenda is the perfect font for branding projects, home appliance designs, product packaging, magazine titles, and more.

Link download font Tacenda



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