Packaging & paper boxes always play an important role when storing products, in addition to creating convenience when transporting, storing & arranging, but also help businesses take advantage of to create attraction when displaying, increasing brand and product identity.

If you are a new business or launching a new product line looking for a foothold in the market, elegantly designed packaging & paper boxes will easily attract attention to your products in exhibits.

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 Or when you are a business with products & brands, packaging & paper boxes help consumers recognize your presence quickly in the midst of a forest of competitors. Your job is just to make your product stand out on the shirt.

More specifically, for product lines such as cosmetics or products for women, it becomes even more necessary to design delicate and luxurious packaging & paper boxes. Not only that, investing and taking care of paper box packaging also shows your respect for your customers. A product without packaging or paper box when delivered to the user is like giving a gift to someone without thoughtful packaging.

And yet, you can also take advantage of the paper box to provide more information related to the product such as: expiry date, instructions for use, .... This has just shown your interest in customer consumption by a professional supplier.

Cosmetic packaging design trends

Here are some criteria that you can refer to improve packaging & paper boxes in line with consumer trends and tastes.

Using high quality paper material

A poor quality paper packaging will affect the user's view of the product inside. At the same time, it will not be able to describe all the advantages of the product.

Therefore, for the top cosmetic brands, they will invest in high-end cosmetic packaging models.

Design close to nature

Cosmetics and nature must have a close relationship. When it comes to them, do you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable?

Understanding this psychology, most of the products extracted from natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, kiwi... are always chosen by designers with fresh colors such as white and green for product packaging.

 Origins™ Skin Care Picks!

In addition, this sample design brings peace of mind to customers when using cosmetics. Over the years, the theme of nature has not cooled down in print ideas.

Minimalist Design

Professional and simple designs will create a sense of confidence in product quality. With easy-to-understand details, as minimalist as possible, it brings a sense of lightness, simplicity and friendliness that makes customers feel secure about the product.

Packaging trends: white and rose in the cosmetic packaging industry «

It can be said that this is a novel packaging design with simple rustic details that are equally interesting. Looking at the graphic images cleverly in harmony with the content, customers can't refuse, right?

Combination of white and black colors

A study shows that these two colors, if placed next to each other, are very harmonious and create an effect that attracts the user's eyes. Therefore, the use of black and white in packaging design is understandable.

Thiết kế tối giản, trắng – đen kết hợp

Do not disappoint, products with these colors always bring outstanding revenue for businesses.

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