Gucci’s fashion house launched a collection of clothes, accessories and furniture for a few hundred to thousand pounds for pets on June 29.

Uncovering ever-surprising ways that the House’s codes can be reimagined, the wide-ranging selection of items designed for dogs and cats is presented in a new campaign envisioned by Alessandro Michele and captured by Max Siedentopf. Inspired by Gucci’s underlying vision of individuality—even when it comes to the pets among us—each animal’s personality comes to the fore against backgrounds colored in bold hues.

The Gucci Lifestyle pet collection ranges from £135 for a double-G AirTag to £5,710 for a pet printed sofa.

Other items include Gucci's signature red and green striped leather necklace and chain, £170-400 (270 AUD - 650 AUD), £220 Herbarium-patterned T-shirt (350 AUD), leather bag £285 (450 AUD), strawberry fleece sweater £345 (550 AUD), serving bowl and silver lid £400-610 (630 AUD - 950 AUD).

The Italian fashion house says the products follow sustainable fashion trends, using recycled polyester, recycled cotton or Demetra - a fabric created by Gucci from vegan ingredients. The brand's 10-year sustainability plan aims to ensure the traceability of 95% of its raw materials and reduce the amount of leather processed during production.

To carry out the new campaign, the fashion house chose cats, corgis, daschunds, chihuahuas, etc. to take photos taken by Namibian-German artist and photographer Max Siedentopf.

Recently, a number of luxury brands have begun to develop pet products. Before Gucci, Hermes used to sell high-end dog bowls for USD 1,317 last August. According to Independent, the epidemic in the past two years is one of the reasons why people's demand for raising animals has increased. A survey found that 74% of Britons between the ages of 16 and 34 think pets are beneficial to their mental health when social distancing is limited during the pandemic.

Áo khoác kèm mũ dành cho Corgi - loài chó xếp thứ 10 trong bảng xếp hạng giống chó thông minh nhất thế giới. Ảnh: Gucci

Jacket with hat for Corgi - the dog ranked 10th in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breed in the world. Photo: Gucci

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