1. How to make delicious, passionate iced milk coffee

The first step to having a delicious, rich iced milk coffee is to prepare the ingredients. Although this step is quite simple, the ingredients are the most important factor. Or it can be said that the ingredients are the main thing that determines the taste of the coffee. So choose your ingredients carefully.

- Roasted ground coffee
- Aluminum filter for coffee
- Condensed milk
- Ice

cafe sữa đá ngon

Next, we will proceed and these steps also require your ingenuity. So, please follow the steps below in the correct order.

Step 1: Put 25g of roasted ground coffee into the filter. Next, gently shake the coffee to mix well, then pour boiling water into ½ of the coffee filter, incubate for about 10 minutes for the coffee to bloom evenly. This will help the coffee extract the juice better.

Step 2: Put condensed milk into the glass with an appropriate amount according to your preferences. If you like sweet, you should add a little more condensed milk, because when adding ice to the milk, the sweetness of the milk will be reduced.

Step 3: And so that when you put boiling water in the coffee drops, they will run slowly, drip more densely, before you make them, add 1 teaspoon of hot water first. This will cause the coffee to moisten and expand.

Step 4: Use (boiling water for the coffee filter with a sufficient amount. The standard amount of water is to cover the coffee surface about 0.25 - 0.5cm.

Step 5: Wait for the coffee juice to drip down

Step 6: Finally, put the filter to one side, you just need to stir the coffee and milk and add ice to have a delicious and rich milk coffee right away. Pretty simple, right?

pha cafe sữa

A good cup of milk coffee is not only about how it tastes, but if stored in beautiful coffee cups, the drink will be even more perfect.

2. How to make delicious instant milk coffee

The way to make instant products is probably the most convenient and fastest way of making delicious iced milk coffee.

cafe sữa gói


 - Instant coffee or an instant teaspoon is fine.

 - Milk, sugar, cream, ... depending on the preferences of each person.

 And here's how to make delicious instant coffee:

Step1 : Put 1 packet of instant coffee into the cup

Step 2: Boil water and let the temperature be about 90 degrees Celsius, if you let the water boil too much, it will make the coffee easy to burn and of course their taste will be destroyed from there.

Step 3: Pour about ¾ of boiling water into the cup, then stir well until all the coffee in the cup is dissolved, then stop.

Step 4: Then you can add ice, cream, milk sugar depending on your preference. A cup of instant coffee with milk is the way that you can start a new day full of energy.

So you've got a perfect cup of instant coffee just like you wanted right away, without too much effort but extremely quickly.

3. Some notes to make delicious and attractive iced milk coffee

How to make delicious, bold iced milk coffee shared above is easy, but to make your coffee really perfect, don't forget to note the following tips.

- Choose a type of coffee

You should choose 100% pure, clean coffee ingredients, and especially not moldy or have any signs of damage. However, especially note, poor quality or moldy coffee products can adversely affect your health. Therefore, absolutely avoid using unsafe coffee products.

chọn loại cafe

Robusta and Arabica beans are the two most popular types of coffee beans. Robusta beans are often more popular and easier to find. However, because the caffeine content of Robusta coffee beans is quite high, many people who are not familiar with it may get coffee drunk. Meanwhile, Arabica beans with slightly lower caffeine content and aroma are also more fragrant, and obviously, are also quite expensive and less popular.

It is a fact that the way the coffee is roasted also determines the final taste of the iced milk coffee. Lightly roasted coffee usually has a clear sour taste, sometimes a bit acrid. In contrast, brown roasted coffee has a strong bitter taste, intense aroma and less sour taste.

- Brew coffee in 7 minutes

Another secret to having a delicious cup of iced milk coffee is to brew it within 5-7 minutes, counting from the time you start pouring water. Because if the water flows too fast, the coffee will taste sour. If it is too slow, the coffee will be quite bitter.

The average drip rate is about 1 drop/second. However, for pure coffee or coffee powder with moderate fineness, the speed of water can be reduced a little faster.

Water source and water temperature

Many people think that water is not an important factor in creating a delicious iced milk coffee. But actually, the amount of water you choose has a great influence on the taste of iced milk coffee.

Therefore, to be able to prepare this drink properly, you should use spring water or boiled water from the filter. This will help you better feel the taste of the drink. And the most perfect temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. In particular, it is not recommended to make iced coffee with boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius.

Dispensing tools

Before making coffee, always remember to rinse the filter thoroughly with boiling water to disinfect and make sure the taste is not affected with any other scents. A small tip for you to own a more delicious and attractive way to make iced milk coffee, use aluminum filter instead of stainless steel filter.

dụng cụ pha chế

You should choose an aluminum filter with a small filter hole, so the coffee will be filtered more slowly and give a clear delicious taste. However, if you want to enjoy thin, less bitter coffee, use a stainless steel filter.

In which the most commonly used coffee cups/cups are transparent glass cups without handles.

4. How to make coffee with condensed milk

- If using powdered coffee, during the compression process, you should not press too hard. Because it can clog the coffee, moreover, when boiling water in the coffee will not bloom and taste acrid when you enjoy. However, if you press too lightly, the coffee will flow quite quickly and this results in the coffee flavor not being strong anymore.

- You should choose high quality roasted coffee to make iced coffee with more taste.

- When pouring boiling water into the filter, it should be poured in a circular direction, gently and slowly

- Pay special attention to the ratio of 1:2 iced milk coffee to make the drink more delicious, moderately sweet but still full of coffee flavor.

- For those of you who are in the process of losing weight, you can apply the formula for making milk coffee in the West, which is to replace condensed milk with low-sugar fresh milk or skimmed milk. They bring a pretty good taste without having to worry about gaining weight when drinking milk coffee anymore.

5. How to drink milk coffee properly?

Don't put too much milk in the coffee

It will not be a real cup of coffee if you put too much milk in it. While this milk will make your drink taste better, too much can ruin the true flavor of the coffee.

 A good cup of milk coffee is a harmonious cup of coffee with both characteristic bitterness and light sweetness in the latter. This is the right way to sip and enjoy coffee. Therefore, to ensure the right coffee taste, do not put too much sweetener.

 Cà Phê Sữa Đá Là Gì? Bí Kíp Pha Cafe Sữa Đá Ngon Nhất

Should only drink in the morning, after waking up

Maybe you know, the best time to enjoy coffee is in the morning, right after waking up, still sluggish and want to recharge quickly. But don't leave your stomach empty while drinking coffee

 At the same time, according to the latest studies, it has been shown that, about 2-3 hours after waking up, the amount of cortisol in the blood will drop, this is the most ideal time to drink coffee. So this is also the best time for the caffeine content in coffee to be optimized without harming the body.


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