Instructions to make led signs simple and safe

If you're starting a new business store or simply want to change things with your current company, then making a billboard is a great way to get the attention of your customers. . That is why many stores have their own unique types of advertising signs, which are very simple to make by themselves and save a small amount of money. Join CenSigns  to share the following simple and safe led signboard instructions.

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Advantages of making Led Signs

Saving energy consumption is the first outstanding advantage of making LED signs. In addition, this type of signboard also has a variety of models to choose from.

1. Cost savings

LEDs save 20-30% of electricity compared to compact or incandescent bulbs. For businesses that use large amounts of electricity, LED lighting is a priority.

This is a form of cheap advertising. You only need to spend a single amount of money to be able to own a sign that can be used in 3 - 5 years. According to experts, LEDs have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. So the durability of led signs is very high. The most special thing is the power saving level. It costs about half as much electricity as a fluorescent bulb and one third more than a filament bulb.

2. Easy in design

The reason for this type of lamp is rich because it has many different shapes and sizes, so it is easy to shape. In addition, there are many colors, making LED signs favored by many customers.

3. Safety and friendliness

In particular, the LED bulb is safe for users because it is plastic so it is not afraid to fall. Moreover, it is also very easy to install, so there is no need for cumbersome construction.

 The heat emitted from LEDs is much lower than other bulbs so it is user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

4. Enhance brand value

During use, one thing is guaranteed that the LED billboard will not be damaged, causing loss of aesthetics. LED light signs have many vibrant colors, high brightness, making a strong impression in night and day lighting conditions.

LED signs have an advantage over other types of lights is the ability to design in many different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. For example, the LED billboard for the barbershop, the bowl of pho for the restaurant ... In general, the LED sign can provide as many customization as you want.

5. High customization ability

Another prominent advantage compared to other types of advertising signs is that customers can handle most decisions about the LED sign design on their own. The vivid, attractive LED signboard also lies in the fact that it can display images, videos, clips and even insert music.

LED signs are highly portable as it is easy to change the content every time you want. And this change can be done by simple steps that help you not necessarily use the advertiser when you want to change the content.

LED billboards are really one of the great advertising tools for every business and store. Making led signs is not only a movement, but a trend of the new era.


Instructions to make led signs simple and safe

The raw materials need to prepare to make electronic led signs

- Led power source 5V or 12V

- 01 control panel (also known as flashing channel)

- 01 controller chip with built-in flasher

- 01 sheet of mica plastic, aluminum alu or stainless steel to line the led lights

- 01 CD or USB to backup the installation data of led software (can be included when you buy components to make genuine led light signs)

- Corner aluminum frame for the frame of the led signboard

- Drills, cutters, screwdrivers, small screws

-  Tape measure

Process guide to make led signs

Idea and design to make cheap led signs with Photoshop CS6, Corel software, ...

Shaped aluminum advertising sign frame frame.

Mica cuts make led bulbs pads in the desired shape and size.

Pair the mica plate into the led signboard frame so that it fits snugly, ensuring that the led sign board is dust-proof and absolutely water-resistant.

Create round dots and drill small holes on the mica plate to attach lights to cheap led signs. You can design a beautiful led signboard template, calculate the led drill distance using Corel Draw software.

After color matching and complete assembly of led bulbs on the mat.

Wiring and wiring for electronic led signs. However, if you are using a cast led bulb, you can skip this step.

Use the CD or USB loaded with LED running software to run data on the computer: install advertising content, programmed automatically the flashing effect and complete the led sign.

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