What are the benefits of creating an app for a Restaurant?

Creating an app for a restaurant, in addition to using business management and optimizing the connection with customers, is also a modern marketing channel. A few more benefits that you can't afford to miss are in the next section below!

More and more diners are using smart phones

Mobile App is a software that runs on mobile application platform with Android or IOS operating system. Depending on the business line, specific features will be programmed. Especially for the restaurant business, creating mobile applications used for the purpose of managing, serving customers and implementing marketing campaigns.

Currently, the number of smartphone users in Vietnam is constantly increasing. Therefore, the need to use the phone to search for everything, including searching for restaurant addresses, eateries or finding delicious food occurs every day.

Creating a restaurant app on Android or iOS directly impacts users and doesn't have the same limitations as a mobile website. It shows the images and information that the restaurant wants to convey appear anytime, anywhere, as long as the customer installs that app on their smartphone.

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What features does the restaurant app have?

Designing an app for a restaurant to serve marketing purposes, it is certainly indispensable for basic features such as:

Reviews and replies to customer reviews. This is the basis for new customers to trust the service quality as well as the quality of the restaurant's food. At the same time retain old customers and attract more potential customers.

Update promotions, customer gratitude faster and more conveniently thanks to push notification feature or send via SMS to customer subscribers

Display ads anytime, anywhere according to presets. Every time there is a promotion, special images will be sent to customers to attract them….

Features to connect with social networks: Youtube, Facebook,... to help interact with customers better

Create an app for your restaurant to help you connect with customers on mobile more conveniently.

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Benefits of creating an app for restaurants

Traditional methods of communication seem to no longer really suit modern life. This changes due to the user's daily habits from using smartphones. They see them as an effective assistant and thereby create favorable conditions for mobile apps to promote their full strengths.

Create a mobile app to help your restaurant better attract customers from raising the brand. Facilitate information, menus or promotions to customers more quickly, easily and accurately.

You can also easily manage and group customers. Record transaction history, deploy loyalty programs easily. Statistics and detailed reports on app downloads and app usage by operating system help you synthesize information, thereby making appropriate directions for upcoming strategies.

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