Recently, Lightbox is one of the most commonly used and effective communication methods. To know exactly what Lightbox is, Censigns invite you to take a few minutes to refer to the extremely detailed information source below. Make sure all questions about Lightbox will be solved after watching this content.

What is a Lightbox and its use in sign making?

Lightbox is a type of box advertising or people often call it by the name advertising light box. Completely different from conventional billboard products, Lightbox integrates the ability to light up at night thanks to the power running through the internal light system.

Thanks to that typical advantage, Lightbox attracts better attention, and at the same time highlights the messages that businesses want to convey to customers. In short, Lightbox is a perfect support tool for product and brand advertising strategies.

What is the use of Lightbox?

One thing can be affirmed that Lightbox has great use for promoting or introducing products and affirming brands. Therefore, we can easily see Lightbox appearing in many supermarkets, commercial centers, cinemas, etc. Especially in low-light areas, the support of Lightbox is always needed.

In addition, owning a Lightbox with high aesthetics, eye-catching design, harmonious colors, suitable size is also a simple way to attract a large number of potential customers, and quickly increase the level of customer satisfaction. brand recognition, boosting business activities significantly.

Summary of popular Lightbox types today

For the most part, each advertising campaign will be suitable for each different Lightbox style. Here, we are pleased to list the most commonly used Lightbox types today.

Hiflex Lightbox

Hiflex tarpaulin lightbox suitable for outdoor advertising. This material is relatively thick, with a characteristic structure that makes it easy for light to pass through. Especially, Hiflex tarpaulin has good water resistance, keeping all the sharp elements for advertising images.

Backlit Lightbox

If the advertising campaign is deployed in some specific locations such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc., the Backlit tarpaulin Lightbox is a great choice. Backlit canvas material possesses impeccable light penetration, suitable for low-light environments.

Smart Lightbox

Although it has just been released, the smart Lightbox has received a lot of praise from businesses. Smart lightboxes are often combined with a trash bin system for the purpose of protecting the environment. Thanks to the use of solar energy and rechargeable lithium battery, the product will automatically light up.

Mica Lightbox

Lightbox Mica is a form of advertising chosen by many businesses because of its outstanding quality, compact design, and variety of shapes. Thanks to the integrated modern technologies, Lightbox Mica can be used to deploy advertising for almost any location.

Super Slim Mica Lightbox

Super Slim Mica Lightbox saves maximum power consumption and installation area. This makes the construction process easy and fast. Mica material less than 30mm thick effectively supports images displayed very sharp and clear.

Led Lightbox

This is the type of advertising sign that we are easy to see when walking on the street at night. Inside this Lightbox will be equipped with LED bulbs that can change the advertising content depending on the requirements of each business.

Advantages of Lightbox in advertising

It is no exaggeration to affirm that Lightbox is the embodiment of the most advanced advertising technology because it fully converges with outstanding advantages such as:

Creating a level for the brand: Investing in a modern advertising form with Lightbox will clearly show professionalism, helping customers feel more confident and secure.

Attract customers: New customers often come from advertising campaigns. Therefore, creating advertising effects through the use of Lightbox will of course attract the maximum attention of customers.

Ease of use: Thanks to the main use of light, Lightbox overcomes all the disadvantages of conventional signs. The use also becomes simpler than ever.

Cost savings: It seems that you do not know that Lightbox can save most of the investment costs compared to some other forms of advertising. Reduce your costs by using Lightbox right now.

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