Among the most effective and widely used forms of advertising today, it would be remiss not to mention printed backlit film. This is a popular form of advertising for shops, businesses... If you want to learn about this printing method, the following article will bring you extremely useful information. Follow the article now!

What is Backlit Film?

Backlit film is a material used in digital printing technology. This is an outstanding material with good light penetration, beautiful thinness. Therefore, it is often used to construct signs, light boxes, etc. to bring lighting efficiency and high aesthetics.

People can also stick this material on glass or mica to make billboards for products, services, events... Today's printing technology also allows printing people from the inside to the outside to create beautiful images.

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Why should you choose backlit film printing?

Printing backlit film can be said to be the most preferred choice today in the printing and advertising industry. You just need to take a look at the benefits that this form of printing brings, then you will know why we should boldly invest:

Backlit film printing ensures the product has a hard, glossy surface that is much smoother than other forms of printing on the market today.

Using backlit film can be flexibly combined with led lights, mica, glass ... depending on the purpose of use to create the most effective customer attraction effect.

Backlit film is the leading material in the construction of ultra-thin light boxes that hardly any other material can replace.

The images and colors printed on the backlit film are very realistic and sharp, so they are very supportive in promoting products, services, events, etc.

Backlit film can be installed in any position, whether outdoors or in buildings, centers... are also suitable.

Printing backlit film is an advertising method that saves a lot of time, effort and cost but easily achieves the expected success.

It is possible to print backlit film in small quantities or in bulk depending on the needs of use.

Backlit film printing technology

Ink printing:

It is a reverse printing technique, using water-based ink. When processing the product, it will be printed on the back, when showing the image to the viewer, it will be on the front.


Ensure color, aesthetic image.

The surface accessible to the viewer will be smooth and beautiful.


Not resistant to strong light, not resistant to UV rays.

Not in contact with water.

Oil ink printing:

This printing technology uses Eco oil ink, and people will print the content on the front of the backlit film instead of the back like the water-based printing method above.


Thicker ink layer, larger print.

Water resistant, UV resistant.


Creates an opaque white oil on the surface of the product.

The backlit film surface is not as smooth as water-based printing.

Backlit film processing

There are two main forms of processing:

Lamination processing: Conducted immediately after finishing printing and the ink has dried. The membrane helps the product to have better durability, more toughness, no scratches, easy to clean when dirty.

Glue lamination: The project will be applied to the front or back surface of the backlit film with a layer of glue. Thanks to the glue, the process of constructing products with different purposes is more convenient.

What types of backlit films are there?

There are many types of backlit film. However, this article will share about two types of indoor and outdoor, this is also the most widely applied classification. Now, quickly scroll down to learn about them!

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Outdoor Backlit Film: Since this is an outdoor type, their characteristics will focus on durability and good, long-lasting color. Here are some features you should know:

Outdoor Backlit film must ensure beautiful print quality, high durability, resistance to sun and rain as well as other weather conditions.

Thanks to the use of Eco oil ink, Backlit Film printing products are effective against water and UV rays.

This is the main material used Eco oil ink when printing and construction, so the finished product can effectively resist water as well as resist UV rays.

Usually, outdoor backlit films will have a relative thickness to prevent them from being easily torn.

Backlit outdoor film can be printed with arbitrary size, you can print as large as you want.

Make the most of the light penetration ability to combine with lights to create eye-catching signs and billboards, creating attention for viewers (especially at night).

Can be used as a product display shelf.

Indoor backlit film: The durability is not high, but because it is placed indoors, this type is guaranteed to meet the full promotion time for a product, service or event (usually within 7 to 14 days). Their characteristics are:

Ink for indoor backlit film is water based.

Short life cycle, only about 7 days to 14 days, the backlit film in the house has shown signs of fading, not ensuring the aesthetics for further use.

Should only be placed in a cool, dry place, especially away from wet places so as not to affect the durability.

Beautiful colors, images printed, friendly to the viewer to easily reach customers at a close distance.

Combined with lights that both promote and display effects.

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Backlit film print size

Here are some sizes of backlit film chosen by many people that you can refer to when in need of printing:

Backlit film with small format: size 0.914m x 50m

Backlit film with medium size: 1.07m x 50m

Backlit film with universal size: 1.27m x 50m

Backlit film with large format: size 1.52m x 50m

Applications of backlit film

As shared above, backlit film is widely used today. You can find them almost anywhere. And now, let's see which fields will apply this printing technology the most!

Popular applications of backlit film:

Making billboards at waiting houses, bus stops...

Making product display shelves for shops, supermarkets, commercial centers...

Make signs for shops, restaurants, cafes and some other business units.

Making signs of companies, businesses, factories, enterprises, agencies, organizations...

Make indoor and outdoor billboards.

Make advertising light box.

Make wall paintings in combination with lights.

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