Today, standee can be said to be a printed product for advertising purposes that is the top focus. Standees appear everywhere from indoors to outdoors. If you are also interested in standees and want to find out the right standee size for your promotion campaign, event, etc., then check out the article below to learn about standee types and standee sizes!

What is Standee? Need to understand the types of standee

In simple terms, this is an item used for the purpose of hanging, mounting posters, advertising banners of medium to small sizes. It can be said that a standee is something that cannot be missed in the event of promoting events, products or services. This is a traditional form of advertising, simple but effective, so it is still preferred to use today.

Standee is composed of two main components, a stand at the back and a poster with an image attached to the front to convey information about products, services or events to viewers. Standee size depends on the size of the poster being printed with. Depending on the purpose, position of the standee, the target audience... you can choose the standee size that is most suitable.

Choosing the right size for the standee is extremely important that you cannot ignore. If you do not choose the right size, it will not be effective in terms of advertising, costing money, time and effort. Below are the standard standee sizes, applied by many companies and organizations today. Once you have the intention to print the standee, be sure to check out these standee sizes:

What is the standee structure?

Standee usually has a fairly simple and compact structure. Specifically, it consists of a stand, and a printed canvas part is attached to the front. Standee stands are usually designed with an X shape or a vertical roll. All are compact, easy to transport and install Image to install on standee nowadays most people will use pp material, glossy or matte lamination.

Is there any benefit to using a standee?

Standee plays the basic role of conveying messages, at the same time performing the task of advertising, brand marketing, matchmaking your company's plans, results, solutions to customers. In addition, standee is also used to match upcoming events. It has the same role as guide signs, or helping merchants. More outstanding. Standee has the conditions to increase the effectiveness of the communication campaign, thereby participating in promoting the total sales of the business community.

These standee sizes are widely applied in advertising printing.

Standee size X

X-shaped standee is also known as X-shaped shelf, X-frame. The reason they have such name is because this type of standee has an X-shaped stand. This stand is made up of two plastic or metal rods. , cross each other like an X. The ends of the “X” are responsible for stretching the four corners of the canvas. Standee X size is usually based on A3 size with parameters of 0.6 x 1.6 (m) or 0.8 x 1.8 (m).

For this size of the X-shaped standee, it is very suitable for use in halls, meeting rooms, office buildings, commercial centers... because their durability is not high, will not be affected by the environment. school. Moreover, the X-shaped standee is also quite cheap, an option to optimize costs. In addition to the standard size, this type of standee also has an X-style design, a muscle-boosting standee that can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Standee size A

A-frame standee are divided into two types:

Standee with iron frame: The iron frame is in the shape of an A, the special feature of this standee is that the poster is shown on both sides. Some sizes of iron frame standee that you can refer to are: 0.6 x 0.9 (m), 0.6 x 1.2 (m), 0.6 x 1.6 (m), 0.8 x 1.8 (m), 0.8 x 2 ( m).

A-frame standee: With the A-shaped stand, this standee has a size of 0.7 x 0.5 (m) that ensures the most aesthetic.

Standee size L

This is a standee with a bracket made of aluminum alloy and Fib plastic to form an L-like shape. Normally, an L-shaped standee will have the following dimensions: 0.6 x 1.6 (m), 0.8 x 1.8 (m), 0.9 (m) x 2.1 (m). The L-shaped standee is an elegant, compact and reasonably priced standee. Therefore, many people prefer to use this type of standee.

Cross standee size

This type of standee has a cross-shaped stand made of iron or aluminum alloy. The highlight of the cross standee is that they can be adjusted to arbitrary height based on the purpose of use. Talking about the most reasonable size when using a cross standee, you just need to choose the image height from 0.4 to 2 (m), and the width from 0.4 to 1.2 (m).

Model standee size

Unlike other types of standee whose canvas is usually rectangular, the image of the model standee will simulate the figure of a person or object. In order for the standee to be realistic and beautiful, its size is usually equivalent to the size of the object or person it simulates. So there is no standard size for this standee. However, you should note that if you are making a human model standee, a height of 1.7 (m) is reasonable.

Roll standee size

Roll standee is also known by another name that is hanging standee. As the name implies, this type of standee when in use, we have to hang them up. The structure of the hanging standee consists of a metal, plastic or wooden bar that can be clamped and pierced through the top of the canvas and attached with a hook and rope to hang the standee. There are three popular types of rolling standee: plastic roll standee, aluminum roll standee, high quality aluminum roll standee.

The hanging standee/roll standee size is independent of the above mentioned classification. With each type of standee roll, you can choose the most appropriate printing size. Currently, hanging standees have standard sizes that are of interest to many people: 0.6 x 1.6 (m), 0.8 x 2 (m), 1 x 2 (m). Depending on the needs of hanging indoors, hanging on trees, columns, hanging outdoors... you choose the size so that it is easy to see.

Counter standee size

Standee counters (booth sampling) are often placed in supermarkets, fairs, exhibitions, events... for the purpose of introducing products. These are quite special standees because they are associated with booth sampling. So about the size of this standee, there are many factors that we must pay more attention to than other types of standee. And here are the parameters that you need to pay attention to when you want to make a counter standee

The height from the ground to the platform is 0.8 (m)

The shield is 0.3 x 0.8 (m)

Front horizontal surface is 0.8 (m)

Rear horizontal surface is 0.7 (m)

Thickness is 0.4 (m)

Overall height from ground to plate is 1.95 (m)

Desktop standee size

It can be said that this is the most different type of standee compared to the above mentioned standees. Since this is a mini standee, the size is much smaller than the others. They are also not hung, placed in a spacious position, easy to attract attention, but often placed on tables, shelves... Business units that put this standee at the cashier counter or the reception desk are the most appropriate.

In terms of size, standees for you to have extremely diverse sizes, as long as they are compact, put on the table without taking up space or causing discomfort to the viewer. However, to use this type of standee effectively, you should also refer to the sizes that are widely used. The typical desktop standee size will fall into 20 x 30 (cm) or 30 x 40 (cm). Please take note of this!

Recently, all the standee sizes are most commonly applied in the field of advertising and printing today. Perhaps, after referring to the sharing of the sizes of the above standees, you have also chosen for yourself an appropriate standee size when you need to print standee. Wish your campaign to promote products, services, events... will be as successful as expected. Thank you for following our full article!

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